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We have compiled all frequent asked questions here. 

  • How much are websites? Our website prices start at $550 for a one page website design. Please view our website design page for more prices and features. Our website builder plan starts lower than $10/month. That’s for those who would like to design themselves. See here.
  • What is the process for website design? You control your domain & hosting at our customer website. We create you an account with us. You hire us to design & you have a small additional bill for your web hosting & web security. After your domain & hosting is set up, the designing step is next. 
  • Is there a monthly update fee for websites? There is a monthly fee of $50 if you choose the monthly website update or $150 for unlimited website update. 
  • Can I create my own website? Yes, with our website builder plans. Visit We have a video tutorial to show you how to create and offer 24/7 tech support if you choose to order our website builder.
  • How much is your flyer design? $50 to design. There is a 5 photo limit. It’s $10 additional for each photo that we have to clean. Our Flyer design price increased as of 1/1/20.
  • How much is a flyer update? There are 3 revisions after flyer design. After approval, it is a $25 charge per modification. We DO NOT keep flyer designs past 60 days. You have the option to order the Photoshop Edit File. It is $45 additional.
  • How much are your logos? $250 for all logo files & two-3 modifications BEFORE approval. We do NOT store logo files after approval. No editing is done after logo has been approved.
  • What’s your refund policy? All sales are final!
  • Do you offer printing? We offer printing as a courtesy to our design clients. We are not a printing company and only print what we design. Ask us about our printing partner that can print what others design.
  • Do you design Snapchat filters? Yes. We design and it’s additional for Snapchat filter submission. Order here.  
  • Do you have payment plans? We offer financing through Paypal Credit for orders over $99. Based on your credit. The credit agreement would be between client and Paypal, not Loman Creative Services. Apply here.  
  • What’s the turnaround time for website designs? Normally 7-10 business days depending on the complexity.
  • What’s the turnaround time for printing after designing flyers, business cards, etc.? 7-10 business days. 
  • Do you design t-shirts? Yes, $100 for the t-shirt design (savings when you order shirt) and a minimum of 15 shirts ordering. 
  • How can we see samples of your work? See our website. We have samples right on our home page and on our Facebook page. 
  • Do you have consultations on the weekend? No, for all weekend calls, concerns, and/or orders visit our website. 
  • How can we order? You can place an order with us on our website “order form” page, through our app “Loman Creative Services” or on our Facebook ” Shop” tab
  • Can we request a business topic for your conference call? Yes. Visit our contact form
  • Can we book you for a workshop? Yes. Visit our contact us form
  • Is there a consultation fee? Yes. See our consultation form here
  • What is the consultation’s purpose? To introduce our company and we listen to your company needs and provide a proposal with solutions that can guide you in the right direction.
  • What do you do for social media? We have three packages for social media management that include daily posting & weekly graphics. Depending on which package you choose, we also have boosted ad, video promos, graphic design and more included. Visit our “social media management” website page to view prices and features. 
  • Do you have marketing packages? Yes. We offer affordable packages including logo, PR, website, Google search ads, rack cards, posters, social media, and more. We can help you with marketing campaigns and strategy.
  • Do you have a Facebook group? Yes. We have one for Christian Business Owners ( and one for Businesses & Ministries to learn about technology (Loman Creative Services)
  • I would like something else design that I don’t see on your website? No problem. Visit our Contact form and submit request.
  • What sizes are your flyers designed in? Our flyers are created in standard size 8.5×11 or 4×6. Any other size is custom. For our 2×6 sizes, those are tickets or book mark sizes. for design only, it’s $45. ALL custom size orders start at $45. Please contact us for specific custom sizes. 
  • How much are additional photos for my flyer? It is $10 per additional photo. Each flyer design has a 3 picture limit. This allows each flyer to be delivered in a feasible time due to photo clean up and cropping. 
  • Why did you increase your prices beginning January 2020? For nearly 8 years in business, we never raised our prices and we learned so much from that experience. As we grow, we have found this to be one of the most important components of our business. We’ve added more team members, value, & equipment. With more expenses, it is the perfect timing to do so. 
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