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Jamika Wright

Born Jamika Wright, DJ Lady J was raised in Charleston, South Carolina and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she is furthering her music ministry. She is under the leadership of Pastor Walter & Verna Hills of Times of Refreshing Intercessory Outreach Fellowship. She became a Christian in 2004 and a devoted Christian in 2009. At a very young age, DJ Lady J began experimenting with instruments and her love for music grew. She began deejaying and emulating some of the top DJs in music. In 2009 she gained the interest of Troy Edwards (CEO of 3HP Records) and provided various services to 3HP Radio Show. Less than a year later, DJ Lady J would become one of the most popular female DJ’s in the southeast. Inspired and encouraged by Christ and fellow DJs, DJ Lady J began deejaying Gospel events and eventually started a career as a Gospel DJ.

“My vision is to save souls, encourage and impact lives of our youth through the uplifting of kingdom music, Holy Hip Hop. I want to help our youth and young adults spread the Word of God through music”

She is the CEO of JC Productions, an expanding cd & duplications firm. She is glad to be a part of the Loman Creative Services team!

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