If you are having an upcoming event, have a ministry or business, having a snapchat geo-filter is the way to go! There are “more than 100 million active Snapchat users” so imagine how important it will be to have your name, logo or trademark exposed to over 100 million customers! It’s even more fun at an event! Why not brand your event and have everyone log on Snapchat at your event, take a photo with YOUR FILTER (your brand) and share it with their friends! How cool is that?!!!

“If you target the right locations, your geofilter will interact with highly qualified potential customers — and everyone they know on Snapchat.” For Geofilters, it’s best to submit per day. So if you have a two days event, it’s best to order for two days at once. The filter will last on Snapchat for 24 hours.

Here’s the Graphic Guidelines:

  • Do not use logos or trademarks you don’t own or have authorization to use.
  • No photographs of people.
  • No phone numbers, emails, URLs, Snapcodes, download instructions, social media usernames, or personal information.
  • No hashtags.
  • No lotteries.
  • No more than two lines of non-stylized text.
  • No drug-related content.
  • Be creative and make it visually compelling. Make something that Snapchat users will want to send to their friends.
  • Geofilters are about sharing a location, event, fun effect, or idea and should be something that Snapchat users will want to send to their friends.
  • Don’t cover up too much of the screen.
  • Make sure it’s relevant to the location.
  • Social platform logos are not permitted.
  • Any personal or business Geofilter with political content must include “Geofilter paid for by [insert name of purchaser]” in 40 pixel height and with a shadow background on that text. Examples of political content include political issue advocacy, or promotion of certain political parties and candidates.

No need to worry about creating, Loman Creative Services creates!

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